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Nano Scientific Research Centre Pvt Ltd
Nano Scientific Research Centre Pvt Ltd


NANO SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CENTRE PVT LTD(An ISO Certified Company) is one of the leading top Training and Consulting with a good placement track record.We will provide "Regular training, Fast Track Training, Online Training with job assistance.
We are providing Exclusive Training onReal Time Live Projects. Faculty from top MNC’s with highly skilled domain expertise will train & guide you with real time examples, project explanation. We also help you in resume preparation and provide job assistance until you get job

Our training features:
** Training session are conducted by real-time instructor with real-time examples
** Best training material
** State-of-the-art lab with required software for practicing
** Exams and Mock Interviews
** Resume preparation by expert professional s and job assistance

Matlab Training


Matlab Training
Approx. Rs 6,500 / student
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MATLAB BASIC Programming


Obtain a quick overview of The Math Works and MATLAB

Discuss course set-up

Evolution of the language

Features of Matlab

Working with the MATLAB User Interface

Command window

Command History


Reading and writing data

Variables and Expressions

Entering commands

Creating variables

Getting help

Accessing and modifying values in variables


Operators classification

Arithmatic operators

Relational operators

Logical operators

Assignment operator

Semicolon operator

Colon operator

Typecasting operator

Flow Control

Simple if

If - else


Nested if


For loop

While loop

Writing Functions

Creating functions

Calling functions

Sub functions

Data Types

MATLAB® data types



Function handles

Analysis and Visualization with Vectors

Calculations with vectors

Plotting vectors

Basic plot options

Annotating plots

Analysis and Visualization with Matrices

Size and dimensionality

Calculations with matrices

Multidimensional arrays


2Dimensional plots

3Dimensional plots

Contour plots

File I/O

Opening and closing files
Reading and writing text files
Reading and writing binary files

Graphical User Interfaces

GUIDE introduction

Designing the GUI

Programming the GUI


Our training features :

** Training session are conducted by real-time instructor with real-time examples
** Best training material
** State-of-the-art lab with required software for practicing
** Exams and Mock Interviews
** Resume preparation by expert professional s and job assistance

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 student
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    Matlab Image Processing Training


    Matlab Image Processing Training
    Approx. Rs 6,500 / STUDENT
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    Image Processing MATLAB


    We provides hands-on experience with performing image analysis. Examples and exercises demonstrate the use of appropriate MATLAB® and Image Processing Toolbox™ functionality throughout the analysis process. Topics include:

    • Importing and exporting images
    • Analyzing imagesinteractively
    • Removing noise
    • Aligning imagesand creating apanoramicscene
    • Detecting lines and circlesinan image
    • Segmenting objectedges
    • Segmenting objectsbased on their color and texture
    • Performing batch analysisover sets of images
    • Segmenting objectsbased on their shapeusingmorphological operations
    • Measuring shapeproperties


    Course Objective:


    Importing and Visualizing Images


    Objective: Import image or video frames into MATLAB and visualize them. Convert images to a format that is useful for analysis.

    • Importing and displaying images
    • Converting between image types
    • Exporting images
    • Importing and playing video files


    Interactive Exploration of Images


    Objective: Explore object details such as shape, texture, and color and create a custom image exploration tool.

    • Obtaining pixel intensity values
    • Extracting a region of interest
    • Computing pixel statistics on a region of interest
    • Measuring object sizes
    • Creating a custom interactive tool


    Preprocessing Images


    Objective: Perform image preprocessing operations and apply custom functions to images.

    • Adjusting image contrast
    • Reducing noise in an image
    • Using sliding neighborhood operations
    • Using block processing operations

    Spatial Transformation and Image Registration


    Objective: Align images to use the same scale and orientation. Compare aligned images. Create a panoramic scene by stitching images.

    • Geometric transformations
    • Image registration using point mapping
    • Creating a panoramic scene




  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 STUDENT
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    Matlab Signal Processing Training


    Matlab  Signal Processing Training
    Approx. Rs 6,500 / student
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    Signal Processing MATLAB

    WE shows how to analyze signals and design signal processingsystems using MATLAB, Signal Processing Toolbox™, and DSP System Toolbox.


    Topics include:

    • Creating and analyzing signals
    • Performing spectral analysis
    • Designing and analyzing filters
    • Designing multirate filters
    • Designing adaptive filters


    Course Objective:



    Signals in MATLAB


    Objective: Generate sampled and synthesized signals from the command line and visualize them. Create noise signals for a given specification. Perform signal processing operations like resampling, modulation, and correlation.


    Creating discrete signals

    • Sampling and resampling
    • Visualizing signals
    • Modeling noise
    • Performing resampling, modulation, and correlation
    • Generating streaming signals
    • Spectral Analysis


    Objective: Understand different spectral analysis techniques and the use of windowing and zero padding. Become familiar with the spectral analysis tools in MATLAB and explore nonparametric (direct) and parametric (model-based) techniques of spectral analysis.


    Discrete Fourier transform

    • Windowing and zero padding
    • Power spectral density estimation
    • Time-varying spectra
    • Using a spectrum analyzer in MATLAB


    Linear Time Invariant Systems


    Objective: Represent linear time-invariant (LTI) systems in MATLAB and compute and visualize different characterizations of LTI systems.


    LTI system representations

    • z-transform
    • Frequency and impulse response
    • Visualizing filter properties
    • Applying filters to finite and streaming signals


  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 student
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    Matlab Simulink Training


    Matlab Simulink Training
    Approx. Rs 6,500 / student
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    Simulink for System and algorithm Modeling

    we provide training in algorithm modeling and design validation in Simulink. It demonstrates how to apply basic modeling techniques and tools to develop Simulink block diagrams.

    Topics include:

    Creating and modifying Simulink models and simulating system dynamics
    Modeling continuous
    time, discrete
    time, and hybrid systems
    Modifying solver settings for simulation accuracy and speed
    Building hierarchy into a Simulink model
    Creating reusable model components using subsystems, libraries, and model

    Creating and Simulating a Model
    Create a simple Simulink model, simulate it, and analyze the results.
    Define the potentiometer system
    Explore the Simulink environment interface
    Create a Simulink model of the potentiometer system
    Simulate the model and analyze results Modeling

    Programming Constructs
    Model and simulate basic programming constructs in Simulink.
    Comparisons and decision statements
    Zero crossings
    MATLAB Function block

    Modeling Discrete Systems
    Model and simulate discrete systems in Simulink.
    Define discrete states
    Create a model of a PI controller
    Model discrete transfer functions and state space systems
    Model multirate discrete systems

    Modeling Continuous Systems
    Model and simulate continuous systems in Simulink.
    Create a model of a throttle system
    Define continuous states
    Run simulations and analyze results
    Model impact dynamics

    Solver Selection
    Select a solver that is appropriate for a given Simulink model.
    Solver behavior
    System dynamics
    Algebraic loops

    Developing Model Hierarchy
    Use subsystems to combine smaller systems into larger systems.
    Bus signals

    Modeling Conditionally Executed Algorithms
    Create subsystems that are
    executed based on a control signal input.
    Enabled subsystems
    Triggered subsystems
    Input validation model

    Combining Models into Diagrams
    Use model referencing to combine models.
    Model referencing and subsystems
    Model referencing workflow
    Setup a model reference
    Model reference simulation modes
    Store parameters in referenced models

    Creating Libraries
    Use libraries to create and distribute custom blocks.
    Create and populate libraries
    Manage library links
    Add a library to the Simulink Library Browser

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    Matlab IEEE Projects Mtech & Btech 2017


    Matlab  IEEE Projects  Mtech & Btech 2017
    Approx. Rs 8,000 / No
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    MATLAB IEEE Projects List Mtech & Btech 2017

    For more projects papers contact us Mallikarjun -


    LBP-Based Segmentation of Defocus Blur


    Higher-Order Image Co-segmentation


    Salient Region Detection via High-Dimensional Color Transform and Local Spatial Support


    Blind Super Resolution of Real-Life Video Sequences


    Dense and Sparse Reconstruction Error Based Saliency Descriptor


    Automatic Design of Color Filter Arrays in The Frequency Domain


    Contrast Enhancement by Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering


    Wavelet-Based Texture-Characteristic Morphological Component Analysis For Colour Image Enhancement


    Statistical Modeling of Retinal Optical Coherent Tomography


    Automatic Brain Segmentation Method based on Supervoxels


    Image Denoising Using Quadtree-Based Nonlocal Means With Locally Adaptive Principal


    Lossless and Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images with Public Key Cryptography


    A Secure Watermarking Technique Without Loss of Robustness


    Printed image watermarking using direct binarys earch halftoning


    Minority Costume Image Retrieval by Fusion of Color Histogram and Edge Orientation Histogram


    On the Shift Value Set of Cyclic Shifted Sequences for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems


    A Low-Complexity Architecture for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems with Near-Optimal Performance


    Design and Performance Analysis of a Multiuser OFDM Based Differential Chaos Shift Keying


    High Performance Phase Rotated Spreading Codes for MC-CDMA


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