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An Optimal Data Hiding Scheme With Tree- Based Parity Check

Embedded Dip Base Projects IEEE 2015

On The Selection Of Optimal Feature Region Set

Network Security Projects 2015

IEEE Projects On Wireless Communication 2015

image processing 2015 ieee projects

Free Lancer Projects On IEEE

Fine Granularity And Spatially- Adaptive Regularization

Adaptive Lattice Reduction Over Correlated Fading Channels

Interference Cancellation And Detection

Space Time Block Coded Spatial Modulation

IEEE Projects Free Lancers

A Generalized Unsharp Masking Algorithm

Real Time Projects On Dip 2015

IEEE Projects 2015

An Efficient Video Segmentation Algorithm

Efficient Detection Ordering Scheme

FFT Based Frequency Offset Estimation In OFDM Systems

Mobile Emitter Geo Location And Tracking

Copyright Protection Of Gray Scale Images By Watermarking

MATLAB Implementation Of Image Segmentation Algorithms

Image Enhancement Via Adaptive Un Sharp Masking

Speech Compression Using LPC And Wavelet

Image Thumbnails That Represent Blur And Noise

Learning Color And Locality Cues For Moving Object

Application of Matlab In Moving Object Detecting Algorithm

Image Enhancement Using A Contrast Measure

A Color Image Segmentation Algorithm

Detecting Abandoned Objects With a Moving

Face Detection Using Combined Skin Color Detector

Hairis: A Method For Automatic Image Registration

License Plate Localisation Based On Morphological Operations

Digital Video Watermarking Using Discrete Wavelet

Video Shot Boundary Detection

IEEE 2015 Papers on SIMULINK

IEEE Simulink Based Projects

IEEE 2015 Papers on MATLAB

Latest IEEE Papers on MATLAB 2015


VLSI Projects Training on VIVADO

Vivado Projects IEEE 2015

VERILOG Projects Training on MODELSIM

System VERILOG Projects Training 2015

System VERILOG real time projects Training

Verilog Real Time Projects

System Verilog Projects 2015

Verilog Projects for Btech 2015

VERILOG Projects For Mtech 2015

IEEE Projects on VHDL 2015

Cadence IEEE Projects 2015

XILINX Projects for Btech

XILINX Projects For Mtech 2015

Cadence Based IEEE Projects 2015

VHDL Based IEEE Projects 2015

Innovative Projects on VLSI 2015

Innovative Projects on VHDL 2015

Innovative Projects On Verilog 2015

Real Time Live Projects on Verilog 2015

Real Time Live Projects on VHDL 2015

Design of 64-Bit Low Power Parallel Prefix VLSI Adder

Aging Aware Reliable Multiplier Design With Adaptive Hold Lo

Multifunction Residue Architectures for Cryptography

Low-Power And Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder

Design And Implementation Of Two Variable Multiplier

Implementation Of Hybrid Wave Pipelined 2D DWT Using ASIC

Fast Sign Detection Algorithm for the RNS Moduli Set

Comparative Performance Analysis of XORXNOR Function Based H

FPGA implementation of Binary Coded Decimal

High Speed And Area Efficient Vedic Multiplier

Soft Error Resilient FPGAS Using Built-In 2-D Hamming Produc

High Speed Signed Multiplier for Digital Signal Processing

FPGA Architecture for OFDM Software Defined Radio

Design of Low Power TPG Using LP-LFSR

Viterbi Based Efficient Test Data Compression

A Feature-Based Robust Digital Image Watermarking Scheme

A 16-Core Processor With Shared-Memory and Message-Passing

Hardware Implementation of a Digital Watermarking System

Efficient Integer DCT Architectures for HEVC

High Performance Hardware Implementation of AES Using Minima

A Real Time Face Detection And Recognition System

VHDL Implementation of UART With Status Register

FPGA Based Real Time Face Detection Using Adaboost

Cadence IEEE Projects Mtech

Cadence Based IEEE Projects

VLSI implementation of Fast Addition Using Quaternary Signed

High Speed And Low Space Complexity FPGA


A Distributed Canny Edge Detector And Its Implementation

Design And Simulation Of UART Serial Communication

Area Delay Power Efficient Fixed-Point LMS Adaptive Filter

Design and Implementation Of Area Optimized AES

Design Of Low Power And High Speed Configurable

Face Detection And Recognition Method

High Speed ASIC Design Of Complex Multiplier

A New Reversible Design Of BCD Adder

Power Efficient Class AB OP Amps with High and Symmetrical S

Design And Implementation Of Low Power Digital Fir Filter

Parallel Architecture For Hierarchical Optical Flow

Product Code Schemes for Error Correction in MLC NAND Flash

Thwarting Scan-Based Attacks on Secure-ICs With On-Chip Comp

Design and Implementation of an On Chip Permutation Network

Design And Characterization Of Parallel Prefix Adders

Carbon Nanotubes Blowing New Life Into NP Dynamic CMOS Circu

FPGA Design of AES Core Architecture For Portable Hard Disk

14 GSPS Four Bit Noninterleaved Data Converter Pair in 90 nm

Image Encryption Based on AES Key Expansion

Feature Extraction Of Digital Aerial Images By FPGA

An Efficient Architecture Design For VGA Monitor Controller

Novel Class of Energy Efficient Very High-Speed Conditional

Low-Power Pulse-Triggered Flip-Flop Design Based on a Signal

Design of Low Power Column Bypass Multiplier Using FPGA

Design Of Serial Communication Interface Based On FPGA

Design And Implementation Of An FPGA Based Real-Time

Low-Power Dual Dynamic Node Pulsed Hybrid Flip-Flop Featurin

Low Cost Binary128 Floating-Point FMA Unit Design

Analysis and Design of a Low-Voltage Low-Power Double-Tail C

Efficient VLSI Architecture For Discrete Wavelet Transform

IEEE 2015 Papers on VLSI

IEEE 2016 Papers On VERILOG

Latest IEEE Papers On VLSI

IEEE Projects on VERILOG 2016

32 Bit 32 Bit Multi Precision RazorBased Dynamic Voltage

Real Time Live Projects on Embedded and VLSI

Live Projects ARM9 With Linux

Live Projects on ARM9 for btech and mtech

Live Projects For B.Tech

B.Tech ECE Projects

IEEE 2014 Projects on Embedded Systems

IEEE 2013 Embedded Systems Projects for M.Tech and B.Tech

Design And Application Of Mobile Embedded Systems

Beaglebone Projects Training Service

Low Power VLSI IEEE Projects 2014

Arm Cortex A8 Projects For M.e And

Development of Remote Waste Gas Monitor System

GPRS Related Projects IEEE-2014

Project Training Service

GPS-GSM Integration For Enhancing Public Transportation Mana

GPRS, 3G Based IEEE 2014 Projects

Design and Development of Real Time Vehicle Tracking System

Arm Related Projects

Constant Delay Logic Style

VLSI Implementation of Fast Addition Using Quaternary

Scalable Digital CMOS Comparator Using a Parallel Pref

High-Speed Low-Power Viterbi Decoder Design for TCM De

A Practical NoC Design for Parallel DES Computation

Pipelined Radix-2k Feed forward FFT Architectures

Low-Cost FIR Filter Designs Based on Faithfully Rounde

Single-Channel Architecture for Algebraic Integer Based 8x 8

Enhanced Area Efficient Architecture for 128 modified csla

Design and Implementation of 32 Bit Unsigned Multi

A FPGA Based High Speed IEEE -754 Double Precision Flo

Matlab Communication Projects Ieee-2014

Ieee Cortex A8 Based Projects

A High Speed Binary Floating Point Multiplier Using Da

8051 Micro Controller Related Projects

8051 Microcontroller Projects

Implementation Of Library Automation Using RFID

ATM Terminal Design is Based on Fingerprint Recognition

Implementation Of Obstacle Avoidance

Research And Development Of Data Acquisition System

Device Control Scheme for Single Media Multi Devices

Zigbee- Based Remote Information Monitoring Devices

A Wireless Sensor Network Platform

The Research of Embedded Linux and Sq Lite Database Applicat

The Research on Zigbee-Based Mine Safety Monitoring System

Design And Development Of Wireless Data Communication

Wireless Sensor Networks

ARM Projects

High Performance Hardware Implementation of AES Using

Design a DSP Operations using Vedic Mathematics

Error Detection in Majority Logic Decoding of Euclidean Geom

Mtech VLSI IEEE 2014 Projects

Comparative Analysis and Optimization of Active Power and De

DTMF Based Human Less Boat Control for Oceanic Research APPL

Live Projects On ARM9

Embedded Face Recognition Based On Arm9

Design Of Embedded Video Capture System Based On Arm9

Design Of Tablet PC By Using Android- OS In ARM9

The Applications Of Wi- Fi Based Wireless Sensor Network

Design of a VOIP Media Stream Encryption Device

An Implementation Embedded System of Vehicle Detection

Real Time SMS- Based Hashing Scheme

Qt Embedded Real Time Projects

Paperless Fax Machine Using ARM9

Design of Embedded System For Automated Road Surveillance

Development of Embedded Webserver on ARM9

Research And Implementation of Embedded Face Recognition

Color Recognition Embedded System With Augmented Reality

Raspberrypi Projects With Low Cost

S3C6410 IEEE Projects M Tech

Research of QT Embedded And Embedded Linux

Zynq Zybo Projects Ieee

Raspberry PI IEEE Projects With Lowest Prices

The Protection Of Water Resources Environmental

Design For Motion Detection System Based On Arm11

A Network Video Device Based On Specific Target Tracking

Evidence Collecting System From Car Black Boxes

Design And Development Of The Lab Remote Monitoring System

Sudden Pedestrian Crossing Detection Projects Raspberrypi

Design And Implementation Of Virtual Keypad In ARM9

Design Of Automatic Embedded Vision

Real Time Car Theft Decline System Using Arm Processor

Developing Voice Control System

Remote Surveillance System For Driver Drowsiness

Development Of Short Message Service (SMS) Application

Design Of Embedded Automatic Detection

Pen Drive To Pen Drive Data Transfer Without PC

Design Of Reliable Transmission Protocol

Designation And Realization Of Ship Navigation System

Developing A Smart Camera For Gesture Recognition

The ECG Tele- Monitor Based On Embedded Web Server

Environmental Conditions Monitoring Inside Granary

License Plate Location For Vehicles Passing Through A Gate

A Highly Area Efficient Controller

Design Of On-line Interactive Data Acquisition

Application Of GPRS Technology In Water Quality Monitoring

Design Of Embedded Real Time Car Parking System

The Research On Zigbee Based Mine Safety Monitoring System

The Electrical Ethernet Monitoring System

Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer

Raspberrypi Projects Ieee 2015

Development of Embedded Ethernet Drivers For ARM9

Live Projects 2015 for Btech

Innovative Projects 2015 for Btech

A Voice- Driven Scene- Mode Recommendation Service

The Study On Design Speech-Control Power Point

Stride Time Estimation Real Time Peak Detection Implemented

Wireless Access Monitoring And Control System

PIR Based Motion Detection Monitoring

Sensor Network Based Oil Well Health Monitoring

GPS Vehicle Theft Identification And Tracking

PC Based Weight Scale System With Load Cell

Research On Method For Real Time Monitoring Dynamic Vehicle

Route Planning And User Interface

Mems Accelerometer Based Nonspecific

Missile Detection And Automatic Destroy

Application Of Environmental Management

The Implementation Of Communication Embedded Technology

Ultrasonic Spectacles And Waist Belt

An Accelerometer Based Digital Pen Pen With A Trajectory Rec

Development Of Multi Functional Sensor Module For Energy

Field Variable Monitoring In Real Time With Precision Farmin

An Extensible Embedded Terminal Platform For Wireless Tele

Research Of Intelligent Greenhouse Remote Monitor System

The Research Of The Zig Bee And RFID Fusion Technology

The Design And Implementation of Intelligent Campus Security

Electronic Passport And The Future Of Government Issued RFID

RFID And Zigbee Based Manufacturing Monitoring System

RFID Technology And Zigbee Networking In Improving Supply

Smart Digital Door Lock For The Home Automation

Supermarket Shopping Guide System Based On Internet

A Sensor Network Based On RFID Inventory

Infopods Zigbee- Based Remote Information Monitoring Devices

A More Efficient Energy Management System

Application And Evaluation Of High Power Zigbee

Design Of Monitoring System For Coal Mine Safety

Research On Power Quality Monitoring System

Implementation Of Zigbee-GSM Based Home Security

Zigbee- GSM Based Automatic Meter Reading System

Over Speed Identification With Zigbee And RFID

Design Of Monitor- And- Control System OFR Supermarket

Remote Controlling And Monitoring System

Design And Development Of Real Time Vehicle Tracking System

GPS-GSM Integration For Enhancing Public Transportation

Time Attendance System With Multi Station

Body Temperature And Electrocardiogram Monitoring

IEEE 2015 Projects For Btech

Research and Development of Data Acquisition System

Remote Power On/Off Control and Current Measurement

Car Park System Projects on ARM9

Embedded Signal Processing Projects

Project Training

Zigbee Device Access Control and Reliable Data Transmission

Design and Development of Remote Operated Flying Robot

Design And Development Of Weather Monitoring Flying Machine

Design and Development of Fire Detection Flying Machine

Design And Development Of Volcano Parameters Monitoring Flyi

Design And Development Of Remote Base Path Tracing Robo

2D DCT Algorithm Based IEEE 2014 Projects

Design, Synthesis and FPGA-based Implementation of a 32bit

Secure Provenance Transmission for Streaming Data

FPGA Based IEEE 2014 Projects for M.Tech Vlsi Ieee Project Training Service 2014

Communication Protocol Based IEEE Projects on VLSI

2014 Low Power Vlsi Projects For Mtech

Low Power VLSI IEEE 2014 Projects

Low- Swing Differential Conditional Capturing Flip-Fl

AES VLSI IEEE 2014 Projects

VERILOG HDL Project Training Services 2015

Research and Implementation of Embedded Face Recognition

VLSI IEEE 2014 Projects in Ameerpet

The Design Of Granary Environmental Monitoring System

SMS Receiving & Dispatching System On ARM 9

Project Training Service

Development Of Embedded Telnet Server On Arm9-Ieee 2009

ARM Project Training Service

The Applications Of Wi-Fi Based Wireless Sensor Network In I

The Research Of QT-Embedded And Embedded Linux Application

Research And Design Of Short Message Service System

Programmable Multi Channel Monitoring And Control

FFT Algorithm Based VLSI IEEE 2014 Projects

An Embedded Image Processing System Based On Wince-IEEE 2009

High-Speed Low-Power Viterbi Decoder Design for TCM Decoders

Developing Voice Control System

VLSI MTECH Projects 2014

BIST Algorithm Based IEEE Projects

Design of Vehicle Positioning System Based on Arm9

Bidirectional Medication Support System

Embedded Systems

Wimax Based IEEE Projects for Mtech

A Real Time Precrash Vehicle Detection System-Ieee 2009

Crypography Based IEEE 2014 Projects In VLSI

NOC Based VLSI IEEE Projects 2014

ECG Based IEEE 2014 Projects for

VITERBI Based IEEE 2014 Projects

Matlab Wireless Networks Ieee-2014

VLSI IEEE M.Tech Project Training Service

2011 IEEE Transaction papers

SMS Receiving and Dispatching System On ARM9

A Double-Ended ZVS Half-Bridge Zeta Converter

Real Time Live Projects Training On ARM9

ARM11 IEEE 2014 Projects

A Non-binary LDPC Decoder Architecture With Adaptive With

Real Time IEEE Linux Projects in Embedded Systems

IEEE Live Projects on VERILOG

ARM CORTEX IEEE Projects for M.Tech

Embedded and VLSI IEEE Projects Training

2013 IEEE VISI Base Papers for M.Tech

ARM11 IEEE Projects in Hyderabad

Zigbee Wireless Vehicular Identification Training

Zigbee Wireless Vehicular Identification System

Location Based System for Mobile Devices Using RFID

An Intelligent Telecardiology System Training

GSM Based ECG Tele-Alert System

Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network

VLSI IEEE Projects Training Service

Design and Development of Volcano Parameters

A Low Cost Micro controller Implementation Of Neural Network

A High Speed Binary Floating Point Multiplier Using Dadda AR

A Smart Home Security System Based On 3G

A Paperless Fax Machine Using Arm9

Design and Implementation of Video Detecting System on ARM9

Designation and Realization of Ship Navigation System

Recovering Data and Voice Recorders Following At-Sea Crashe

A Microcontroller-Based System for Intelligent Telephony

Assessment of an Online Passenger Information System

Study On The Salinity Auto-Monitoring System Based On GPRS

The Electronic Passport And The Future Of Government Issued

Monitoring of an Aeropanic Green House with A Sensor Network

Security Management System For Oilfield Based On Embedded Wi

Remote Power On/ Off Control & Current Measurement for Home

Customization and Compilation of Embedded Linux Kernel for A

Developing Zig Bee Deployment Guideline Under Wi Fi Interfer

Toward Haptic/Aural Touchscreen Display of Graphical Mathema

Visual-Speech To Text Conversion Applicable To Telephone Com

Comparative Analysis and Optimization of Active Power

Low Power And Area Efficient Carry Select Adder

Implementation of Embedded Face Recognition System

ARM9 Projects for M.Tech 2014

Arm7 Projects For M.Tech

M.Tech Embedded System Projects 2014

IEEE 2014 Embedded Systems Projects

Innovative Projects 2014 for M.Tech

IEEE 2014 Projects for M.Tech

The Design And Realization Of Zigbee-Wi-Fi Wireless Gateway

Matlab Projects Embedded System Projects

Robust Multi Person Detection And Tracking

On-line Detection Of Drowsiness Using Brain And Visual

An Efficient Image Rectification Method

Processing Of Eye/head Tracking Data In Large- Scale

A New Biased Discriminate Analysis Using Composite

Moving Object Detection for Real-Time Augmented

Improved Hand Tracking System

A Parallel Hardware Architecture for Real-Time Object

Adaptive Vehicle Detector Approach

Robust Face- Name Graph Matching

Counting People With Low- Level Features

Vehicle Detection in Aerial Surveillance

Maritime Traffic Speed Enforcement

Real time Recognition of Complex Human Daily Activities

Vision-based Cleaning Area Control For Cleaning Robots

Target Detection and Classification Using Seismic

An Intelligent Self-Adjusting Sensor For Smart Home Services

A Human Detection Method for Residential Smart Energy

Dense And Dynamic 3D Selection

Real-Time Head And Hand Tracking Based On 2.5D Data

A Sensor Package for Ice Surface Observations

4Real-time Vision-aided Localization And Navigation Based

Leveraging Smartphone Cameras For Collaborative Road

Real-Time Computer Vision/DGPS-Aided Inertial Navigation

Efficient Resource Allocation

Fast and Accurate Human Detection Using a Cascade

Physiological Parameter Monitoring From Optical

Pressure-Based Clutch Control For Automotive

Meta-analysis Of The First Facial Expression Recognition

3-D Posture and Gesture Recognition for Interactivity

Toward E-Motion-Based Music Retrieval

Weakly Supervised Learning Of Interactions

An Accelerometer-Based Digital Pen

Evaluation Of Speech Recognizers

Steganalysis of compressed speech to detect covert voice

Hardware Software Co Design Of Automatic Speech

Door Phone Embedded System for Voice Based User

Fast And Robust Algorithm Of Tracking Multiple Moving

A New Auto-Focus Sharpness Function

Adaptive Edge Detection for Robust Model-Based

GRPS-Based Distributed Home-Monitoring Using Internet

An Indoor Localization Framework

A Beacon Color Code Scheduling for the Localization

Design of Embedded Video Capture System Based on Arm9

M.Tech IEEE 2014 Projects

An Embedded Real-Time Finger-Vein Recognition System

Matlab Communication Projects

A Novel Torque Ripple Reduction Strategy

Matrix Converters In Direct Torque Control

Harmonic Investigation In Multilevel Inverter

A New Technique

Quality Improvement In Conventional Electronic

Modeling And Simulation

A New Crypto- Watermarking Method

Data Compression Using 2D Wavelet Analysis

Data Embedding In Scrambled Digital Videocnu

Coin Recognition System


Character Recignition System

Channel Estimation And Prediction

Code Division Multiple Access Using Matlab

BER Performance Of Different Equalizers

Auto Audio Equalizer Using Digital Signal Analysis

Realization Of Various Effects Of Audio Signals

An Improved Visual Cryptography Scheme For Secret

Alias- Free Sub Band Adaptive Filtering

(ANC) Applied To Fetal Electrocardiography

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Watermarking Method For Medical Images Safe Transfer

Modified Spiht Algorithm For Image Coding

Wavelet Packets: Decomposing The Details

Two- Dimensional True Compression

Text To Speech Conversion Using Matlab

Text Stenography In Images

Stenography Using BPCS To The Integer Wavelet

Speech Recognition System

Speech Encryption And Decryption


Speaker Recognition System

Speech Compression Using Wavelet Transform

Spatial Multiplexing

Single Sideband Modulation Via The Hilbert Transform

Shape Recognition With Edge-based Features

Registering An Image Using Normalized Cross-Correlation

Registering An Aerial Photo To An Ortho Photo

Reconstructing An Image From Projection Data

Pixeltruncation Method For Video Compression

Phase Shift Keying Simulation

Performance Analysis Of Channel Estimation

Padding And Shearing An Image Simultaneously

Optical Character Recogniition

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

Multi Signal 1- D Wavelet Analysis

Multipath Fading Channel


Measuring The Radius Of A Roll Of Tape

Measuring The Power Of Deterministic Periodic Signals

Measuring Regions In Grayscale Images

Measuring Angle Of Intersection

Marker-Controlled Watershed Segmentation

Separating Touching Objects

(UPFC) Based Damping Controller

Enhancing Multispectral Color Composite Images

DTMF Based Remote Control System

Mini Projects

Embedded Mini Projects

Development Of Embedded System

Development Of Advanced Embedded System

Development Of Ultra Low Cost Wireless Mouse

Temperature Controlled Fan

Timer Based Traffic Light Control System

Microcontroller Based Temperature Measurement

Micro Controller Based Automatic Pump Control

Automated Room Light Controller System With Visitor Counter

Digital Visitor Counter

Tw0 Channel Temperature Logging For Furnaces

Development Of Highly Secured Conference Hall

Electronic Passport And The Future Of Government Issued

Library Automation Using RFID

Design And Implementation Of Mobile Detector

Assessment Of An Online Passenger Information System

Location- Based System For Mobile Devices Using RFID

A Real Time Precrash Vehicle Detection System

Microcontroller Based Digital Code Lock With Alarm

LCD Based Moving Message Display

Sensorless Tracking System

Microcontroller Based Digital Code Lock For Bank Locker

Password Based Door Locking

Embedded System For Control Industrial Equipment

Development Of Garage Shutter Opener With Code Lock

Development Of Zigbee Based Home Security System

Development Of Keyeless Entry System For Automobiles

Embedded System For Control Home Appliances Using RF

PC-PC Communication Using Zigbee

Secured Wireless Data Communication System

Home Appliances Control Using TV Remote

Development Of Ir Based Security System For Bank Lockers

Implementation Of Automatic Door Opening In Hotels

Development Of Sun Tracking Solar Panel

Advanced Security System For Home

Advanced Burglar Alarm Using Micro Controller

Development Of Automatic Person Detection System

Data Acquisition System For Multiple Input Sources

Development Of Embedded System To Control Devices Through PC

Home Automation Using GSM

Industrial Monitoring And Control System Using GSM

GSM Remote Switch

Remote Environmental Monitoring System

GPS And GSM Vehicle Tracking System

GSM Based Door Access Control

GSM, GPS Based Child Tracking System

GSM Based Electronic Voting Machine ( GSM E-Voting)

GSM Based Home Security And Automation System

GSM Based Message Display For Bill Boards

Speed Control Of Stepper Motor Using GSM

GSM Based Vehicle Monitoring System

GSM Based Plant Temperature Monitoring And Control System

GSM Based Highway Road Traffic Monitoring System

GSM Based Automated Industrial Security System

RFID Based Access Control System

RFID Based Time And Attendance Recording System

RFID Based Electronic Voting Machines

RFID Based School/ College Management System.

RFID, Keypad Based ATM Security System

RFID Based School/College Management System

RFID Based Visitor Control For Secure Areas

Development Of RFID Based Automatic Vending System

Development Of RFID Based Automatic Vending Machine

Development Of RFID Card Based Toll Gate System For Vehicles

RFID Based Highway Road Traffic Monitoring System

FPRS Based Access Control System

Fingerprint Recognition Based Time And Attendance System

Design And Development Of FPRS

FPRS Based School/ College Management System

FPRS, Keypad Based Atm Security System

FPRS Based Passport Verification

FPRS Based Visitor Control For Secure Areas

Design And Development Of FPRS Based Petro Card System

Development Of Infrared Remote Controlled Robot

Development Of Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Development Of RF Controlled Robo

Development Of Fire Fighting Robot For Fire Accident Rescue

Development Of Live Person Detection Robot Under The Debris

Development Of RF Based Obstacle Detection Robot

SMS Receiving And Dispatching System

Mobile Phone (DTMF) Controlled Electrical Device Switching

Automatic Advanced Railway Gate Control System

Digital Realtime Clock Implementation

Industrial Conveyor Belt Object Counting System

Intelligent High Power LED Street Light Control System.

Digital Frequency Meter With LCD Display

Ir Remote Controlled Realtime Clock With LCD Display

Transformer Realtime Temperature Monitoring

Digital RPM Indicator

Infrared Remote Based Electrical Device Control

Infrared Remote Controlled High Voltage Device Switching

IR TV Remote Controlled Stepper Motor Controller

IR TV Remote Controlled DC Motor Speed Controller

Optically Isolated Fuse Blown Indicator

LDR Based Automatic Lamp Illumination Controller

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Speed Control of a DC Motor

High Voltage Fuse Blown Indicator

IR LED And LDR Baaed Heartbeat Monitor

IR LED And LDR Based Heartbeat Monitor With Display On LCD

Realtime Car Battery Monitoring And Low Voltage Alert System

Temperature Controlled Fan (DC Motor Based With PWM).

Online Training For IT Courses

Room Light Intensity Based Window Blinds Control

Infrared Remote Controlled Garage Door Control System

Automatic Irrigation Water Supply Monitoring

Automatic Washing Machine Motor Control System

Vehicle Inside And Outside Temperature Monitoring System

Wireless Split AC Blower And Compressor Control System

Industrial And Home Security System Based Projects

GPS Speedo Meter With Over Speed Alert System

Digital Rpm Indicator On LCD Display

GPS And Microcontroller Based Location

Microcontroller Based GPS Clock

GPS And Microcontroller Based Geographical

Digital Thermostat With LCD Temperature Display

Embedded Realtime Clock Based Industrial Devices

GPS Based Train/Bus Station Indication System

Microcontroller Based Digital Over Voltage Protection System

GPS Based Speedo Meter

Microcontroller Based Automatic City Street Control System

Radio Frequency (RF 433 MHz)

Industrial Advanced Temperature Monitoring

Profect Training

Microcontroller Based Digital Alpha- Numeric Message

Digital Energy Meter LCD Display

Automatic Intrusion Alarm/Alert System

Radio Frequency Based Realtime Child Monitoring

Realtime Burglar Alarm System Using PIR Sensor

Remote Operated PC Using IR/RF (Mouse)

Traffic Clearance For VIPs Vehicles With RF

Accident Alerting System Using RF

Data Exchanging Between Two PCs Using IR ( Wireless)

Online IT Trainings

Implementation Of Cryptography Using PC With RF ( Wireless)

Development Of Wireless (IR/RF) Appliance Control System.

Priority Management

Bus Arrival And Departure Announcement System

Global Alert And Control System For UPS Battery Management

Smart Petro- Card Management System

Advanced Steward Calling System

Fiscal Access System Using RFID

Tollgate Passes Using Smart Card Technology

Anti Theft Alert And Auto Arresting System

Stack Updating And Alerting System Using RFID

Development Of Anti-rigging Voting System

Novel EVM (Wire/Wireless)

Implementing Smart Digi Lock System For Device Access

Access Control System For Device Using Smart Card

Employee Login And Logout Management System With RFID

Command Based Street Light Controlling Through PC

PC Based Data Acquisition System ( Wire/ Wireless)

PC Based Wireless (RF) Android Controlling

Four- Channel Fault Annunciation For Industries

Sensor Based Caution Alert System ( Fire/ Smoke)

Lawn Maintenance System

Monitoring And Automation Of Cultivation

Automation Of Home Appliance Based On Temperature

High Sensitive Sensors Based Automatic Device Control

Patients Emergency Alert System

Load Cell Sensor Projects

Remote Control System To Add & Delete Identity Codes

A Wireless Data Acquirement & Transmission System Design

Home Or Office Security System With Voice Announcement

Peal Based Device Control ( Telephone Rings)

Online Project Training

Invisible Broken Wire Detector

Smart Librarian For Noise Reduction

Power Management For Shopping Malls With Visitors Counting

Project Trainings

Time Based Power Saving System In Corporate Road Ways

Cell Phone Call Based Audio Muting System

Mobile Bug

Designing The Hap- Tic Interface System

Speed Checker For Hi- Ways

Fastest Finger First Indicator With Priority Management

Power Management System For High- Ways

Clap Based Device Control

Parking Slot Indicator

Ultrasonic Proximity Detector

Intelligent Traffic Management System For Metro Cities

Time Based Traffic Management System

Real- Time Maximum & Minimum Temperature Recorder

Automated Street Light Switching ( Based On Season/ Time)

Caution System For Vehicle Pollution

Anti Theft Alerting System For Vehicles ( Two- Wheeler)

Intelligent Vehicle Supervisory Cum Annunciation

Patients Appointment System

Electronic Plac Card

Modern Public Garden

Hand Talks System

GSM Based Advertising Display System Using LCD

Mems Based Android

Smart Epilepsy Prediction System

Intuitive Appliance Control System With ID Acquisition

RFID Based Authentication & Access Of Vehicle

Notice Board Using RF

Bus Detection Device For The Blind People Using RFID System

Root Indicator

GSM Based DC Motor Speed Control

Path Following Android

Target Detecting Android

Remote controlled Android Using IR/RF (Wireless).

Landmine Detecting Android

Smoke Sensing And Alerting System With Android

Autonomous Vehicle With Obstacle Detection

Model Sunflower Automatic Tracking Of Solar Panel

Design And Implementation Of Car Driving Controller System

I- Button Based Access Control System Using 89C51 MCU

Sensitive Biomedical Digital Heart Beat Monitoring System

Speed Checker With High Speed Alert System For High- Ways

Intelligent Bike Security System

Intelligent Pollution Control System

Implementation Of Recordable Audio Storage System

Next Generation Alternative Energy Storage Application

Aero Dynamic Wind Mill With Reverse Charge Protection

High Fidelity Two Way Intercom

Solar Based E-Uniform

Step Up Free Adjustable DC To DC Converter

Music Transmission And Reception

Intelligent IR Based Automatic Highway Lighting System

High Sensitive Alcohol Sensor

Hand Cranked Dynamo Based Energy Generation System

Microhydel Power Generation System

Airport Security Luggage Scanner System

Implementation Of High Sensitive Wall Breaking Sensor

IR Based Third Eye Implementation

Intelligent Fire Detector

High Sensitive LDR Based Automatic Night Lamp

Triac Based Sound Scanner

Diamond Security System In Museums With Loud 60DB Siren

Industrial Electrical Appliances Control System

Intelligent Automatic Street Light Control System

Over / Under Line Voltage Protection

Directional Counter For Bottle Filling Industries

Timer Based Industrial Liquid Pump Controller

IR Based Intelligent Automatic Washbasin

3- Phase Load Safety Implementation

Renewable Energy Management Solar Based Lighting System

Intelligent Automatic Plant Irrigation System

Automatic Transformer Distribution And Load Sharing System

Triac Based AC Motor Speed Control System / Light Dimmer

Transformer Less Solid State Power Supply Design

H- Bridge Implementation For DC Motor Direction Control

Fastest Finger First For Buzzer Round In Quiz Competitions

Wireless Music Transmission And Reception

Error Free Sound Activated Switch

PIR Based Motion Sensor For 500W Cellar Parking Light

Radio Frequency Based Remote Industrial Appliances

Wireless Petroleum Level Sensor Using RF Communication

Innovative Remote Locator For Television

Flashing Welcome Message With LED Chaser

Design And Implementation Of Micro Inverter For CFL Lamps

Auto Mute For Car Audio Deck / Audio System

Automatic Active Phase Selector

High Sensitive Electronic Ear ( Poor Mans Hearing Aid)

High Sensitive Metal Detector For Detecting Metal Objects

Farmer Friendly Solar Based Electric Fence

Implementation Of High Fidelity Multimedia Speakers

Passive Infrared Based Security

Solar Based Fan With Tagged Speed Selection

Inverter With Battery Low And Over Load Indicator

Solar Based Mobile Charger For Rural Areas

Solar Based Cool Cap

Playing Mp3 Files From USB Storage Device

High Sensitive LPG Sensor With Gas Leak Alert Buzzer

IR Based Escaping Cock Robot (inspired By Nature)

Woman Robot Inspired By Nature Dont Touch Me

Mobile Phone Signal Transmission Detector ( Mobile Bug)

Infrared Sensor Based Intelligent Automatic Soap Dispenser

Solar Highway Lighting System With Auto Turn Off On Day Time

Level Indicator For Petrol Dispensing Stations

Mosquito Catching System By UV Lamp And Axial Fan

Infrared Sensor Based Intelligent Hand Dryer

Assistive Technology Implementation

Triac Based Four Step Touch Dimmer

Ining Safety Implementation

Assistive Technology Implementation Of Blind Mans Cap

Playing Mp3 Files From Memory Card

Real Time Car Battery Monitoring

Pyroelectric Based Fire Alarm

Tilt Sensor Based Locker Safety Implementation

Implementation Of Chanting Mantra System With Volume Control

Solar Based E Uniform For Soldiers

Foot Step Power Generation System

Solar Based Air Compressor Pump

Medicine Refrigeration For Rural And Flood Affected Areas

Solar Based High Efficient Vacuum Cleaner

Real Time Clock Based Solar LED Street Light Automation

Implementation Of Solar Water Pump Control

Interfacing High Voltage Device To Microcontroller

16 X 2 LCD Interfacing In 8 Bit Method

16 X 2 LCD Interfacing In 4 Bit Method

AC Motor Speed Control Using Power Triac

Three Phase Load Safety Implementation

PC Based Appliances Control In A Plant ( C- Language)

Communicating To 89s52 MCU Through Windows Hyper Terminal

PC Based Stepper Motor Control For Robotic Applications

PC Based DC Motor Speed Control

PC Based Hi-Tech Industrial Automation

Petrochemical Level Indicator And Controller

Coin Operated Fortune Telling System

Super Sensitive Industrial Security System

Programmable Temperature Monitor And Controller

Embedded Quiz Monitoring System

High Sensitive LDR Based Power Saver

Embedded Password Based Access Control System

Automatic Temperature Based Fan Speed Controller

High sensitive IR based Unmanned Railway Gate Control

Embedded Automatic Car Parking System Using AT89C51 MCU

Automatic Room Light Control

Embedded Automatic Two Gate Interlock For Toll Tax System

Real Time Clock Based Industrial Automation

DC Motor Speed Control Using PWM Technique

Jogger Bench Using PWM Technique And H Bridge

Electronic Notice Board With LED Dot Matrix Display

Automatic School Bell

Eeprom Based Prepaid Energy Meter

Implementation Of Artificial Eye

Digital Code Converters BCD To Grey / Excess-3 / 7-Segment

DTMF Based Industrial Automation And Appliances

Auto Turn Off For Water Pump With Four Different Time Slots

Embedded Concentration Tester Touch Me Not Using AT89S52

Automatic Dam Gate Control System With Caution Alarm

Stepper Motor Control Using AT89S52 For Robotic Applications

Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange System

Leading Top Training And Consulting

Gold And Silver Rate Display System

Real Time Live Project

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