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We are a noted service provider, engaged in providing training and project services in Embedded systems , VLSI design, Matlab , Automation , CAD/CAM , PHP Designing and CEH. We do provide Educational Trainer Kits on our expertise.

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Embedded Web Server For Real-time Remote Control And Monitor

A Genetic Algorithm-Based Moving Object Detection

Real Time Car Parking System Using Image Processing

Child Activity Recognition Based On Cooperative Fusion Model

Eye Tracking Based Driver Fatigue Monitoring

Implementation Of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure In Academic

Design Of A VoIP Media Stream Encryption Device Objective

An Energy Efficient Hybrid FPGA-GPU Based Embedded Platform

Flexible And Reconfigurable System On Chip For WSN

Clustering Approach To The Problem Of Human Activity

Automatic Wireless Embedded Projector Player System

A Framework For Remote And Adaptive Partial Reconfiguration

A Robust Approach For Offline English Character Recognition

License Plate Location For Vehicles Passing Through Gate

Research And Development Of Data Acquisition System

Detection Of Sudden Pedestrian Crossings

Towards The Implementation Of Iot For Environmental

Izhikevich Model Based Pattern Classifier For Hand Written

Hardware/Software Co-design Of Video Processing

Swapping Strategy to Improve I/O Performance of Embedded

A Method of Detecting Abnormal Program Behavior on Embedded

Sensor Search Techniques For Sensing As Service Architecture

Bluetooth Enabled Printer Adapter Using Raspberry Pi

On The Application Of Smart Home Technology

Automated Real-time Detection Of Potentially Suspicious

Application Of Data Hiding In Audio-video

Image Quality Assessment

Lossless and Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images

A New Writing Experience_ Finger Writing In The Air

Cognitive Radio Communications In Raspberry

Carbon Architecture For Uniform(re)configuration And Process

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Cognitive Radio Communications in Raspberry Pi

Implementation Of A New Lightweight Encryption Design For Em

Automated Health Alerts Using In-Home Sensor Data

Automated Real-Time Detection Of Potentially Suspicious

The Fastest Fourier Transform In The South

Performance Evaluation of LDPC Detection and Decoding

Application Of Data Hiding In Audio-Video Usinganti Forensic

A New Data Transfer Method Via Signal-Rich-Art Code Images

SMS Receiving and Dispatching System On ARM9

Swapping Strategy to Improve I/O Performance of Embedded

A Prototypal Architecture Of An Ieee 21451 Network For Smart

Design of Vehicle Positioning System Based on Arm9

A Low-cost Smart Sensor Network For Real-time Monitoring

Embedded Web Server for Real-time Remote Control

Water Management System Using Dynamic Ip Based Embedded Web

Embedded Web Server for Real-time Remote Control and Monitor

Zigbee Wireless Vehicular Identification System

Automatic Wireless Embedded Projector Player System

Embedded and VLSI IEEE Projects Training

Securing Web Authentication With Camera

Deep Representations For Iris, Face, And Fingerprint Spoofin

Implementation Of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure In Academic

Eye Gaze Tracking With A Web Camera In A Desktop Environment

Dual Subspace Nonnegative Graph Embedding

Product Code Schemes For Error Correction In Mlc Nand Flash

Design And Implementation Of Smart Home Control Systems Base

Izhikevich Mode Based Pattern Classifier For Hand Written

Design And Implementation Of An On Chip Permutation Network

Cloud- Based Desktop Services For Thin Clients

Zigbee Wireless Vehicular Identification Training

A Paperless Fax Machine Using Arm9

Analysing Brain Concentration Levels

Owards The Implementation Of IOT For Environmental Condition

Implementation Of Cryptography Using PC With RF ( Wireless)

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Implementation of I2C Master Bus Controller on FPGA

Efficient Majority Logic Fault Detection WithDifference-Set

Period Extension and Randomness Enhancement Using High-Throu

BIST Based Test Applications Enhanced - Adaptive Low Power

High-Performance Hardware Implementation For Rc4 Stream

A Practical NoC Design for Parallel DES Computation

High Performance Hardware Implementation of AES Using Minima

High Performance Pipelined Design for FFT Processor

Comparative Performance Analysis of XORXNOR Function Based H

Global Built-In Self-Repair for 3D Memories with Redundancy

Enhanced Area Efficient Architecture for 128 bit Modified C

Pipelined Radix- Feed forward FFT Architectures

Error Detection in Majority Logic Decoding of Euclidean Geom

Energy-efficient High-throughput Montgomery

Bist Based Test Applications Enhanced With Adaptive

Low-Cost FIR Filter Designs Based on Faithfully Rounded Trun

32 By32 Bit Multi precision Razor-Based Dynamic Voltage Sc

Soft-Error-Resilient FPGAs Using Built-In 2-D

An Optimized Modified Booth Recoder For Efficient Design

Radix-4 and Radix-8 Booth Encoded Multi-Modulus Multipliers

A 16-Core Processor With Shared-Memory and Message-Passing C

FPG Design and Implementation

Area-Delay-Power Efficient Fixed-Point LMS Adaptive Filter W

Design and Implementation of 64-Bit Execute Stage for VLIW P

Novel Method Of Digital Clock Frequency Multiplication

FPGA Architecture for OFDM Software Defined Radio with an op

High Performance Pipelined Design for FFT Processor based on

Low-Power, High-Throughput, and Low-Area Adaptive FIR

A VLIW Architecture for Executing Multi-Scalar/Vector Instru

Novel Method Of Digital Clock Frequency Multiplication And D

Design and Evaluation of High-Performance Processing Element

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Free Class Ab Ab Miller Opamp With High Current Enhancement

Low-Voltage, Full-Swing Voltage-Controlled Oscillator With S

A VLIW Architecture for Executing Multi-Scalar

40-Gb/s 0.7-V 2:1 MUX and 1:2 DEMUX with Transformer-Coupled

Comparative Performance Analysis of XOR XNOR Function Based

Recursive Approach To The Design Of A Parallel Self-timed Ad

Implementing Low-Power Dynamic Adders in MTCMOS Technology

An Efficient Design Technique for Low Power Dynamic Feedthro

Low- Power Dual Dynamic Node Pulsed Hybrid Flip-flop

Design Of Logic Circuits With Adaptive Feedback Equalization

Design Methodology of Sub threshold Three-Stage CMOS OTA

Power Efficient Class AB Op Amps With High and Symmetrical S

Novel Class of Energy-Efficient Very High-Speed Conditional

Enhanced Area Efficient Architecture for 128 bit Modified C

An Ultralow-Power Fast-Transient Capacitor-Free Low-Dropout

Design Of Quadded Logic And Quadded Transistor Using Low Pow

Period Extension and Randomness Enhancement Using High-Throu

Design Of Low Power Shift Register Using Pulsed Latches

Design of a Low Power 4x4 Multiplier Based on Five Transisto

Analysis and Design of a Low-Voltage Low-Power Double-Tail C

Low-Power Pulse-Triggered Flip-Flop Design Based on a Signal

Dynamic Threshold Source Coupled Logic with Pushpull topolog

Design Of Long Carry Chain Adders Using Cmos Technology To G

A High Speed Binary Floating Point Multiplier

Carbon Nanotubes Blowing New Life into NP Dynamic CMOS

Design Of High Speed Ternary Full Adder And Three Input Xor

Design and Implementation of Multi-Mode QCLDPC Decoder

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Performance Investigation Of Pilot

Phase Noise in Asynchronous SC-FDMA Systems

Stochastic Guard-Band-Aware Channel Assignment with Bonding

An Efficient Blind Estimation of Carrier Frequency

Diversity Relaying for Parallel Use of Power

Harnessing Frequency Domain for Cooperative Sensing

MAP Based Iterative Channel Estimation for OFDM Systems

A Blind Fine Synchronization Scheme for SC-FDE Systems

Cooperative Spectrum Sharing Between Cellular and Ad-Hoc Net

Optimal Windowing and Decision Feedback Equalization

Outage-Constrained Power Allocation

Sequence Designs for Interference Mitigation in Multi-Cell

Achievable Throughput Optimization

Efficient Exact Regenerating Codes For Byzantine Fault Toler

A Multiobjective Optimization Approach for Optimal Link Adap

Shot Interference Detection and Mitigation for Heterogeneous

Spectrum Monitoring Using Energy Ratio Algorithm for OFDM-BA

Fair Resource Allocation for OFDMA Femtocell Networks

Achieving Delay Diversity in Asynchronous

Confederation Based RRM with Proportional Fairness

Resource Allocation for Delay-Sensitive Traffic Over LTE-A

Error-Rate Performance Analysis of Cooperative OFDMA System

In and Out-Degree Distributions of Nodes and Coverage

Maximum Likelihood Frequency Estimation and Preamble

Resource Allocation Scheme for Energy Saving in Heterogeneou

Doppler Mitigation in OFDM-Based Aeronautical Communications

Estimation of Sparse Time Dispersive Channels in Pilot Aided

Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Frequency Coding in Non-Coherent Coop

Accuracy of Homology Based Coverage Hole Detection

Energy-Aware Resource Allocation Strategies for LTE Uplink W

Joint ML Estimation of CFO and Channel, and a Low Complexity

Large-Scale Synthetic Social Mobile Networks with SWIM

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Welcome to Nano Scientific Research Centre Pvt Ltd

Nano Scientific Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., branches at Hyderabad & Nagpur. The centre is involved in the design and development of electronics, electrical, IT & mechanical based systems. Our technological focus on Embedded, VLSI, Matlab, PLC & Scada, Catia, Autocad, PHP, Solidworks, Hypermesh, Ansys & Pro-E etc.

We do offer corporate and students training both class room & online services to impact latest technical advancement into industry and academia.

The academic projects are designed to impart advanced training & practical implementation to the in-service of professionals. All over India, to enhance their knowledge on latest technology to create awareness about recent trends in the field of Information technology, a dedicated team of R&D experts and professions working in these specialized areas would be sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Founders and Promoters : Mr. Mallikarjun.V (M.Tech) & Mr. Aravind.K (B.Tech)

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